My name is Leslie. I'm a 25 year old Californian, but I live in Sweden. I studied political science in Arizona and European law in Austria, one of which was fun and one of which was not. For what it's worth, both of those places have affordable beer, especially compared to Sweden.

I never know what to write, so I'm just going to tell you three ridiculous things that have happened to me this year. In January, I was accidentally left on top of a hill in a tiny village in rural France at 6 AM with no phone. I was two blocks from my friend's house. It took me an hour to get back because I have no sense of direction. In March, I decided to slide down a snow-covered mountain on my butt. Plenty of my friends had done this before me, and it looked super fun. I, however, got stuck at the bottom, from my feet to my hips, and had to be dug out with a shovel. In July, I discovered that it's possible for the inside of a door handle to break in half. I was trapped inside a windowless bathroom for almost an hour while my roommates took the entire door handle apart to get me out. Awkward honorable mentions include falling off the stage at karaoke and going on four dates without realizing it.

I got Dogz 3 in 1998 after playing the game at my friend's house. My first site was called Leslie's Petz Palace, and I remember writing Britney Spears a fan letter and asking her to visit my site. She didn't, but I signed the guestbook on her behalf and got called out for being a faker. The PC in 1998 had zero chill when it came to 6 year old liars. Anyway, I gradually learned coding and cycled through a few different sites before settling in with Mobius in about 2006. How was that a decade ago?! Mobius stuck around for almost two years, but I spent my junior year of high school as an exchange student in Sweden, didn't take a computer with me, and lost interest in Petz.

Fast forward to 2017. A bout of depression led to nostalgia, which led me to install Petz, which led me to discover Whiskerwick and the Facebook group and all that good stuff. I can't believe you guys are still around after almost 20 years, and it makes me unbelievably happy!